Quote Of The Week

‘Let no man boast himself that he has got through the perils of winter, till at least the seventh of May.’

Anthony Trollope 1815 -1882


So only seven days to go then.



  1. Gee, that’s pretty tough on us Southern Hemisphere blokes isn’t it? Mind you, the main winter peril around here is the alcohol-swilling-football-fan season. I guess that beats summer, when you run the risk of being bored to death by cricket commentators.

    Lucky you’re a woman, eh? Apparently you’re allowed to boast about survival all year round.

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  2. I never quite saw that quote in those sexist terms before, until you brought it up! Although, I guess he didn’t mention women because he thought we were survivors, he just didn’t think of us at all, didn’t put us in the running. A back handed compliment.


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